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The two gets to know each other better while they go out to fight various ghosts so that Bong Pal can earn some extra money. It also showed us that Kirsten Dunst had some serious comedic chops, and that a film about something as fluffy as cheerleading can be downright hysterical.

As I sat in the theater with the other three people, I could almost hear the IQ points dropping from my intellect onto the pop smeared floor. The Jackson crew includes haughty Nautica, played with sassy verve by Samantha Bruzzese. They are the defending champions and are the farthest thing from being underdogs.

The regional accents are there, as are the name checked places and that unique brand of melancholy we English have moping in our blood. It was very cute. She's always an entertaining screen presence and for now she's still young enough that it isn't ridiculous for her to keep playing high school characters.

Contrasting culture at the competing high schools is clearly defined and a large set of key characters are brought vividly to life.

Bring it On, Ghost – Drama – Review

But as her tenure begins, Torrence makes a discovery that could ruin "my whole cheerleading career. The Musical on Broadway. Questions of audience aside, was it a mistake for these young theatrical talents, who I feel hold the future of Broadway in their hands, to collaborate on such a trifle.

The question then becomes, who does the audience root for: But the real danger of this movie is the shear bloody minded, intellect numbing, vacuosity of it all. I thought it was hilarious and the cheerleading was good, too. It balances sports, teen drama, and snarky humor perfectly. Komazec has the kind of talent that it is all too easy to take for granted, tirelessly juggling song, dance and scenes with nary a drop of sweat.

I liked the last episode a lot as well. Bring It On also proved, in a time when teen comedies were either overly sentimental and formulaic or overtly raunchy, that all you need is a great sense of humor and a relatable story to succeed.

Despite the frequent jokes at their expense in the film, Bring It On shows cheerleaders are spirited, athletic, graceful, and most importantly, relevant to the 21st Century.

Supported by cheerleading coach Natalie Commons, and working with some experienced cheerleaders in the cast, Ralph creates spectacular cheerleading sequences, peppered with several jaw dropping lifts and tosses. And the sheer athleticism of the event numbers — with whirling cheerleaders catapulted into the air and then caught in gasp-inducing basket tosses — provides enough genuine thrills to compensate for the stop-start storytelling.

Taking cues from "Clueless" -- the best teen bubble gum flick of Generation Y -- it's a self-mocking popularity satire that takes frequent pot shots at "sweater monkeys" and their endlessly percolating pep, while also allowing its bright cast of pretty young things to color outside the lines of their stock characters.

During the interview at one point she says, that every role fits her, but not every costumes The plot is simple. This was perhaps the best part of the drama as we get to see the romance between the two progress. I watched it more for light-heartedness.

In the end, of course, the two squads will face off at the national competition, and the closer "Bring It On" gets to that inevitable finale, the more it seems to fall back on the tiresome preparing-for-the-big-game-style plot template. And as far as being relatable to the Britpop audience, this albums lyrics are steeped in drugs imagery.

If this was true though, Bring It On rightfully should be held as the soundtrack to the end of an era. When it does break away from its trite genre trappings and adds a little color, "Bring It On" can be downright winsome.

There's more spark, charisma and chemistry in that cute, simple 60 seconds than in a dozen Freddie Prinze, Jr. Actually Cleo is not willing to be with her in the same room.

I saw this movie because we are doing cheerleading for a youth group camp, and we wanted to see cheerleading I live in Australia, where there is not much cheerleading.

The main point of the movie was obviously to flaunt these young actresses, but it was enjoyable outside of that. I also had a slight disdain for the second half of the show because we begin to understand how Hyun Ji became a ghost. The Clovers are struggling to pay for their trip to Nationals, but the movie as a whole manages to avoid the typical "white savior narrative.

When the girls are airborne, the show soars. She has just discovered her previous captain, Big Red, stole all of their award-winning routines from another school. Another sadly pandering misstep: The cheer routines were amazing… I really appreciate how they spent so much time on them.

I thought this movie promoted honesty and good sportmanship, also. At times, it makes fun of the stereotypes about all cheerleaders, and at other times, it turns these preconceived notions on their head in a smart but sincere way.

For all of its verve, Jessica Bendinger's script is too reductive for the movie to be taken very seriously. Aug 25,  · Bring It On movie reviews & Metacritic score: The story of what a student goes through to make it on a cheerleading squad, and how they eventually make it to 52%(31).

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Bring It On

A sensational cast of rising talents get vertical til they get vertigo in the Melbourne professional premiere of Bring It On the Musical. As Broadway increasingly takes itself seriously, an example of a teen-based guilty pleasure is all too rare.

Following a US tour, Bring It Onplayed five months on Broadway inand was. Nov 23,  · Breathtaking displays of gymnastics are the primary delights in “Bring It On: The Musical,” a show about competing high-school cheerleading squads that is at the Ahmanson Theater in Los Angeles.

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