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His work went uncredited through the WGA screenwriting credit system. But while Depp's delightful talent for off-kilter characters lends his Ichabod Crane an appreciable and deliberately unbalanced blend of delicacy, skittish cowardice, determination and curiosity, as the plot marches on much of what's going on around him begins to unravel faster than Ichabod does.

He describes himself as "imprisoned by a chain of reasoning. This is true but are you really motivated to watch a movie which starts of in black and white. In this version, Ichabod Johnny Depp is a New York City detective whose unorthodox techniques and penchant for gadgets make him unpopular with is colleagues.

There is, however, surprisingly little warmth or connection between the audience and the characters. Andrew Kevin Walker and Tom Stoppard contributed to the screenplay. Depp plays Crane with the right haunted look and rigid posture. Through his agent, Yagher was introduced to Andrew Kevin Walker ; they spent a few months working on a film treatment [6] that transformed Ichabod Crane from a schoolmaster from Connecticut to a banished New York City detective.

How does this movie fit in with his overall style. This included a long prosthetic snipe nosehuge ears, and elongated fingers. Only to their disappointment it is only candle wax. The interior of the mill, which was about feet high and feet wide, featured wooden gears equipped with mechanisms for grinding flour.

Cast and characters[ edit ] Main article: Still, he analyzes the evidence to find the secrets that link the victims and the human force driving the Headless Horseman. This movie was aimed at younger people but younger people change the channel when they see a movie in black and white.

Also the black and white faces of the characters make the people seem cold. Lubezki also used Hammer horror [26] and Mexican lucha films from the s, such as Santo Contra los Zombis and Santo vs. Reviewed by Ali Barclay Updated 20 June America, just before the end of the 18th century, and the small town of Sleepy Hollow is experiencing a spate of grisly decapitations at the hands of a ghostly headless horseman.

Christina Ricci as the love interest, Katrina Van Tassel, is somewhat cold and aloof, and Miranda Richardson as her stepmother is woefully underused, despite her potential for delicious wickedness. Christopher Walken, Jeffrey Jones, and Christopher Lee highlight the supporting cast; Lee's appearance is particularly apt, since Burton has cited the Hammer films of the s as a major influence in making this film.

The film is also crippled by a terribly contrived romantic subplot involving a miscast Christina Ricci it pains me to say thatwho looks perfectly period but can't manage to wrap her mouth around the movie's formal dialogue or its highly mannered acting style.

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However, if they are patient they will be rewarded as this soon changes and soon the deep red blood colour appear on the screen. Andrew Kevin Walker and Tom Stoppard contributed to the screenplay.

R for graphic horror violence and gore, and for a scene of sexuality Genre: Heinrichs tailored the sets so cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki could shoot from above without seeing the end of the stage.

Development[ edit ] InKevin Yaghera make-up effects designer who had turned to directing with Tales from the Crypthad the notion to adapt Washington Irving 's short story " The Legend of Sleepy Hollow " into a feature film.

Sleepy Hollow – traditional American Gothic Washington Irving’s short story, Sleepy Hollow is traditional American Gothic.

Sleepy Hollow (Movie) Review: One of Burton’s many successes

It opens with creating an other-worldly setting. Synopsis: Set in"Sleepy Hollow" is based on Washington Irving's classic tale "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow." Faithful to the dreamy custom-bound world that Irving paints in his story, the film mixes horror, fantasy and romance and features an extraordinary cast.

Nov 19,  · Tim Burton's "Sleepy Hollow" begins with a story that would not have distinguished one of the lesser films from the Hammer horror franchise and elevates it by sheer style and acting into something entertaining and sometimes rather elegant.

It is one thing to see a frightened lawyer being taken for a ride in a carriage by a driver who has lost his head along the way/5. Nov 19,  · Sleepy Hollow movie reviews & Metacritic score: In woods near the tiny New England village of Sleepy Hollow in the 65%(35).

After such successes as The Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands, it should come as no surprise that Sleepy Hollow is a dazzling film, a delicious reworking of Washington Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Dark and moody, the film is a thrilling ride back to the turn of the 19th sgtraslochi.coms: K. A handsomely shot and decorated film from the always gothic Tim Burton about the legend of Sleepy Hollow and the headless horseman (the terrifically casted Christopher Walken), and how Ichabod 68%.

Sleepy hollow film review
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Sleepy Hollow Movie Review